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With the tremendous amount of information aggregating online today and people using their devices to make decisions and research & forecast deals, data protection is an important but often overlooked aspect of modern technology. The hand-off from technology to human interaction is much simpler than in the past, with automated platforms, chat bots, and even email creating an initial interface with customers to answer questions and close sales. But is your platform secure?

It’s a question we come across every day here at Critical Design Associates, especially amid rising concerns about ransomware, malware and the network security of Fortune 500 companies. Individual consumers are using technology in extremely customized and individualistic ways. They indicate their preferences online simply by browsing and clicking, and by the same token, security threats become more powerful as they too determine which technologies are vulnerable.

When looking at how quickly the IT Industry is evolving, it is easy to appreciate that so too are the attacks that attempt to breach these massive data stores. According to this article titled IT Security Industry to Expand Tenfold in Forbes, the IT Industry is expanding exponentially and along with it are the ways that technological crime fighters have to think and react.

What does this mean for you? In a multinational company or a global world network, access to the internet is nearly universal and any of the many government, whether there is trust there or not, can’t maintain sole responsibility for looking out for our best interest because the threat can come from nearly anywhere. Here are some tips:

  • Implement Protection – firewalls, anti-malware, anti-virus software, and encryption are the first line of defense so don’t discount their importance and vital aspect of protecting your network.

  • Stay Alert – since attacks are evolving, it is only a matter of time until a network is hacked or a vulnerability is exposed so a protection system utilizing constant change will further slow-down opportunity for a breach.

  • Plan Ahead – Have a contingency system in place and train employees in what to do in case something happens and minimize fallout. An educated workforce is less likely to accidentally expose themselves to risk.

  • Test Yourself – Practice and send out occasional authentic “hacks” that look real enough but harmless that if someone does fall victim it opens up opportunities to educate versus requiring damage control for decimated data.

Too often, an organization’s intellectual property and customer data are at risk from an attacker who can’t be seen or heard. Imagine if your operating system could deflect complex attacks before they destroy your business, your files, and your morale. Blacklisting websites and performing regular “phasing tests” take up valuable time and are tedious and expensive. They simply cannot prevent cybercriminals from striking. Virtualization-based security protects your system from threats made by an attacker in a very granular way by quarantining the threat so that your valuable data, networks and devices are not compromised.

Bromium safely allows malware to fully execute within a hardware-isolated virtual container, enabling post-exploitation analysis of the complete attack cycle and establishing a full malware kill chain.

As a Bromium partner, Critical Design Associates provides the only cybersecurity available today with application isolation. We go beyond traditional programs such as Norton, Avast!, and Windows Defender to provide the best in cybersecurity. Whether you’re in the public sector, finance, healthcare, energy, or retail, we can help. Security can’t be all-encompassing and completely air-gapped but serious prevention is a way that you can protect yourself amidst a fast growing high-threat world and embrace technology without being afraid of it. It’s time to take a different approach to solving cyber threats. Want to learn more?


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