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Application Delivery & Deployment

Everyday business requires applications for increased efficiency, productivity, compliance, and customer service. Delivering and maintaining those applications to your end users and customers requires a fine-tuned method of delivering these applications to the desktop, laptop, and mobile device.

Application Packaging

Delivering applications across multiple device types and operating systems can be challenging, even with the assistance of endpoint configuration manager software. Often applications and configurations need to be customized for deployment to reduce administrative and support costs. Critical Design has experts trained in all industry-leading tools to help bundle together files, components, and executable information into a single application package to simplify deployment and create a sustainable solution.

Disaster Recovery

Present times are the true test for benchmarking an organization's level of preparedness for a disaster. Providing continued access and functionality of resources to end users requires planning, designing, and testing to prevent business disruptions. We pride ourselves in building some of the best service level disaster recovery solutions available, and our experience in this area and proven track record have been tested and delivered upon many organization’s Service Level Agreements, reducing downtime, and ensuring business continuity.

End User Experience

All deployments, regardless of size, share the same success metric: end user experience. Deploying solutions across your organization in a fast, efficient, and effective manor while maintaining a high level of user satisfaction can be a daunting task. Critical Design has deployed solutions to over 625,000 users and has the experience and flexibility to help you achieve your goals.

Hybrid Cloud

Are you looking to expand your line of business applications into the cloud but still want to have control over your private data? Critical Design has a team of trained professionals ready to help you bridge your on-premises data center with the public cloud. Ask us how you can take advantage of the benefits of public cloud infrastructure and resources in the most secure, highly-available configuration possible.


Successful deployment of any solution requires fast and reliable connectivity between systems. Our team of Cisco Expert-level (CCIE) networking professionals have the skillsets required to assist with any of your networking needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for assistance with design and configuration of firewalls, switches, or routers, CDA has enterprise experience with helping design, test, and choose the right solution for your needs.

SaaS Integration

It is common practice for companies to leverage Software as a Service to deliver applications ranging from finance to service desk platforms. The key to a successful deployment is creating a seamless user experience between the on-premises applications and cloud-hosted platforms. CDA can assist you with your deployment and centralize data authentication, streamline user provisioning, and create workflows to gain the most ROI on your SaaS investment.

Technical Debt Removal

Do you have projects or resource limitations that resulted in technical debt? Do you have needed upgrades or assistance focusing on a particular task at hand? Critical Design is a flexible organization that has become a go-to solution for many customers. We help with projects that have not been prioritized or need to be completed quickly and accurately ranging from prerequisites to compliance requirements.

We implement integrated solutions by comprehensively analyzing business processes, existing software, and conducting end-user interviews to gain insights into their utilization of these resources. Once we establish a usage baseline and define expectations, our focus shifts to crafting solutions that facilitate seamless interaction across all systems, aligning with end users' computing and business needs. At CDA, we specialize in creating custom solutions that seamlessly unite applications and data, fostering a more cohesive and collaborative integrated environment.

Are you looking for a custom solution for your integration challenges? 

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