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Recognizing the importance of automation, numerous companies seek its benefits yet face challenges in acquiring the right expertise and resources for implementation. Even when resources are secured, high attrition rates often prevail due to market demand. At CDA, we offer both automation services and cultivate top-tier talent to achieve, validate, and sustain your infrastructure goals. Our approach centers on people, process, and platform, enabling us to provide holistic solutions or address particular operational gaps.


Move faster with high quality and more automation.


Many companies see the value and need for DevOps, but struggle to find the talent or resources to implement. When they find the resources, attrition is often high due to market demand. CDA delivers DevOps services and develops top talent to attain, prove, and maintain your DevOps infrastructure. We focus on people, process, and platform to offer complete solutions or address specific gaps in your operations.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are designed to move fast. We have helped many customers build and deploy a new CI/CD pipeline or bridge the gaps on mature pipelines. Automation and quality control are our specialties!



  • Machine Learning/MLOPS


We can support your projects and programs through the entire lifecycle of the application including:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Ingestion

  • Data Analysis/Curation

  • Data Labeling

  • Data Validation

  • Data Preparation Model

  • Training Model Evaluation

  • System Validation

  • System Deployment


Security integrated with your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are designed to move fast. Security is often necessary and typically an impediment to the agile strategy of the business. Let CDA help with dependency mapping, vulnerability assessment, and static, dynamic, and interactive analysis.

Infrastructure Provisioning

Building and documenting infrastructure without automation is not scalable and becomes an obstacle to agile principles. We leverage modern toolsets and software development to integrate automation into the infrastructure provisioning process. Using DevOps/Automation processes, we build once and deploy many times using our Infrastructure as Code approach. We can decrease provisioning times and produce consistent, repeatable results every time. Our automation team can assist with provisioning systems and configurations across your private and public clouds to allow you to spend more time on your priorities.


Leveraging automation to help with daily Security Operations can help reduce the number of actionable security incidents and help eliminate alert fatigue for incident response with clearly outlined actions. Whether you already have a playbook or are just starting out, CDA can help create automation workflows to improve agility within your Security Teams.

Are you looking for a custom solution for your automation challenges? 

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