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Does your company have logon times longer than a minute?

Though it does not sound like a lot of time, it can add up quickly across all of your workers and the frequency at which they log in. That minute could add up to thousands of dollars spent on non-productive time!

Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) Environment Manager (EM) can help optimize your logon times to increase your company’s productivity.

Environment Manager breaks the logon into three separate sections that allow us to dictate exactly when actions are to execute.

  1. Pre-Session

  2. Pre-Desktop

  3. Desktop Created

In the Pre-Session Phase, which fires before terminal services are notified of the logon, we can set Environment or Session Variables.

Once the user logs on to the system but before the shell has started, the Pre-Desktop trigger executes, and we can run registry actions or apply GPOs.

The final trigger in logon, Desktop Created, fires once the desktop shell and Explorer is started, allowing us to complete tasks that take the longest, such as file/folder copies and printer/drive mappings to complete in the background while the user is logged on.

With EM, we can remove those clunky logon scripts and turn them into native EM actions to speed the execution dramatically. Environment Manager executes in parallel as opposed to GPOs and logon scripts which generally run serially, or one after another.

Environment Manager also offers the ability to run application-specific settings to execute at application launch. This transitions us from a “Just In Case” to a “Just In Time” model, further decreasing the logon time. Add in the ability to create conditions based on specific criteria and the ability to nest actions under other actions, EM will make managing logins much simpler and more effective.

Are your users always mobile or rarely connect to the Company Network?

Environment Manager uses the Local Security Authority (LSA) token assigned to the users. In this token, there is a unique identifier for each of the Security Groups the user is in, so there is no need for the user to be connected to the corporate network for actions to run with conditions!

Completing a Windows Migration to a newer version?

Environment Manager Personalization is here to save the day. With Personalization, we pick up information important to the customization your users configure for their applications and Windows Settings.

Whether you are moving from your desktop in the office to the desktop in the conference room, or switching to a laptop, your settings will always roam with you.

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