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Device and Data Access Controls via Ivanti Device Control

Do you know what your users are taking in or out of your network? Do you want better controls and visibility of who can connect peripheral devices to your endpoints?

Without these necessary controls in your environment, you are subject to malware, data loss or theft. Ivanti Device Control can provide control over what users are allowed to connect to their endpoints and if they are allowed to read/write to these devices. Additionally, it can log or in some cases provide shadow copies of files transferred or printed from your endpoints.

Can this be deployed without causing interruptions? - Absolutely

While implementing your configuration and permissions, the system can be placed into audit only mode. This allows you to see what is being connected by your end users and allow you to place your policies around those connections.

As users connect devices, you can take action on the activity via the logs reported back from the endpoint to the server. You can target a specific model of a device or even down to the serial number or specific device they have inserted. Controls can be to a single user, group of users via Active Directory or even to a machine. You can also combine the users, groups and machines for tighter restrictions. For standalone environments, you can even create policies and export them to setup offline or dark-net machines with tighter policies.

Super! What else can the product do?

  • Enterprise file encryption and data copy restrictions

  • Device whitelisting

  • Context-based permissions

  • Temporary access

  • Centralized management

  • Role-based access controls

  • Flexible architecture

  • Actionable Insights

Would you like to gain better visibility and control over your devices? Schedule a demo and let's get started today!



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