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Introduction to Ivanti Package Studio

Ivanti Package Studio is a customized version of the Liquit Setup Commander. This product is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of creating configured deployment packages by leveraging a collection of downloadable source software which has already been verified and reviewed by the software vendor.

This source software collection is referred to as the Setup Store’. Package Studio can then download or create Import Wizards for all of these applications which enables the technician to quickly configure and create packages for most commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications.

The ‘Setup Store’ is a repository of Windows applications, similar to any other App Store. From the ‘Setup Store’ link within the application, queries can be sorted, searched and filtered based on Manufacturer Name, Product Name, Version Number, Setup Type, Category, Platform, Filename, Language or Date.

Readily available Windows applications and patches can then be downloaded to a pre-configured directory on a local drive or on a file share. After an installation has been downloaded, a package can easily be created using Packing Studio to be configured for enterprise deployment.

Ivanti states that the ‘Setup Store’ has grown to more than 2500 entries. Every day the repository is updated with the latest versions and releases of a listed application.

Ivanti Package Studio also supports every vendor MSI. If Package Studio does not have the installation in its repository, the tool will quickly auto-generate a new Configuration Wizard.

Configuration Wizards provide options to remove all Desktop and/or Start Menu shortcuts, suppress reboots, disable auto-update mechanisms, include licensing information, include database settings, and configure many other deployment options. These options are stored in a transform file (MST) for the selected MSI.

Configuration Wizard files are automatically downloaded for each application. When selected, the configuration options will be unique for each application.

In this example, the ‘Google Chrome Configuration Wizard’ can configure a myriad of options for the Google Chrome deployment as follows:

After launching Ivanti Package Studio, in the lower pane, navigate to the vendor install that will be configured.

Right click on the Windows Installer for Chrome Enterprise and select “Generate Transform”

The Google Chrome Configuration Wizard will then launch.

On the Options tab, select any options that are required for the configuration.

On the “Homepage preferences” tab, enter the default homepage.

On the “Distribution preferences” tab, select any distribution options that are required for the configuration.

On the “Features” tab, make any required feature changes.

When all options have been selected, click “OK”

A “Save Transform File” dialog box will open, prompting the user to save the MST file to disk. This file, in combination with the corresponding MSI and optional (CAB), will constitute the completed package.

Ivanti Package Studio can be configured to directly connect to Ivanti Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDesk), Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and other software distribution tools for automatic creation of a deployable package.

In summary, Ivanti Package Studio can be a significant time saver in deploying many commercially available applications. Thanks to the ‘Setup Store’, it may be the most complete source for creating Windows Installer Transform files.

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